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About us?

We are an offshore software development firm based in Chandigarh, India. Our skill sets include ReactJs, AngularJs, .NET, PHP, MSSQL, MySQL and many more... The innovative minds at Winux Software Solutions explore new horizons every day to implement cutting edge software solutions to discerning clients across the globe We create tomorrow’s technologies today.

Winux Software Solutions has a rich experience in developing and deploying software solutions to clients worldwide. We have delivered on several web and desktop applications, ranging from small websites to enterprise applications used by hundreds of users simultaneously from different offices globally.


The Microsoft platform with ASP.NET is a platform of choice for several top level business and technical decision makers for several reasons.

  • Powerful database driven functionality allows programmers to develop web applications that interface with a database
  • ASP.Net is object-oriented and has many tools that facilitate faster development and more functionality
  • Faster web applications: Compiled code and caching make ASP.Net really fast. Earlier, the code was interpreted into 'machine language' when your website visitor viewed your page. With ASP.Net, the code is compiled before your visitor even visits your site.
  • Memory leak and crash protection: ASP.Net automatically retrieves from memory leaks and errors thus ensuring that your website is always available to visitors.
  • Multiple Language Support: ASP.Net allows programmers to write their code in several .Net languages (including VB.Net, C and Jscript.Net). Hence, programmers can develop sites in a language they know best.

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